Saturday, October 17, 2015

Week 9 Growth Mindset

One of the growth mindset challenges is to find a challenge in each class and relate them to one another. I'd figure this would be a great way to organize my problems and find a solution to each of them. Let's start with this class.

Epics of India: My greatest challenge in this class is to find the time to complete the weekly assignments. This class comes with a lot of busy work, and busy work requires time. Each week there are at least 6 assignments. If you include the extra credit then there are 13 assignments. I can't complain about the extra credit though. In fact, I'm extremely grateful that there is extra credit!

Chemistry of Beer: This is another online class I had to take to complete my chemistry minor. I had my final last week! I'm officially done with the class and completed my chem minor. I enjoyed the format of this class because we had lecture just once a week, which usually ended early, along with weekly online quizzes and discussions. No exams. My challenge with this class was that I kept forgetting about it. We had so little assignments to do each week that sometimes I forgot I was even enrolled in the class.

Pathogenic Microbiology: This class is so much fun! I love learning about pathogenic microorganisms and how to combat each disease. However, my greatest challenge of this class are the exams. Every single exam is scheduled on a Monday. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't work over the weekend. For the past two exams, I started studying Sunday after I was off work, but by that times it's so late in the night that I don't want to study.

Colloquium - Modern Protest Movements: Colloquium is another class I struggle with because we have to read all the time. I'll admit that I neglect this class because I try getting by with reading one chapter instead of the four chapters that were assigned. However, this class only has 20 students, and we each have to discuss key points from the chapter in front of the class. Not only that but our exams are all in-class essays. That means I really need to know what I've read to do well on the exams and to gain discussion points. If I had to choose just one challenge, it would be speaking in front of the class. Every student sounds so smart and logical when they speak, but when I speak, I feel insecure and stupid. It's pretty embarrassing...

Molecular and Physiology of Microorganisms Lab: This class sucks the life out of me! I know I've already written about my struggles in this class in every post, but that's because I spent so much time on it. It is the most difficult lab that I have taken by far. I believe the class average on the quizzes is a 17%. Oh and don't you dare write in pencil for any assignment because pencil work gives you a 0. My professor hates pencil. Ink only. The lack of format of communication made lab a headache. You're given the goal of an experiment, then it is up to you and your lab group to figure out a protocol and method. There is no laboratory manual and only minimal guidance. With that being said, my lab group and I struggled. We had no idea what we were doing which reflected on our lab reports. We failed our first quiz and first notebook check. It was a disaster. The greatest challenge in this class is communication. I need to communicate with my professor and with my lab group. Without them, I'm lost.

For the first four classes listed, my biggest challenge is time. I need to prioritize my time to fit every class's need. I'm done with chemistry of beer, so I just need to manage my time for colloquium, patho and epics. I started working ahead in this class which gives me leeway. I could start taking off work the Sundays before my patho exam to give me time to study or at least begin studying a week early. For colloquium, I have to work on my self confidence and not be afraid of what everyone will think of me. I've already improved in lab. My lab group and I meet at least three times a week to work on our lab reports together, and we try to obtain clarification from our professor and TA.

Overall, I just need time.

Running out of time. Source.

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