Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 8 Growth Mindset

I found the perfect infographic that I need to incorporate into my life! It literally lists all the phrases I use on a daily basis. Here it is:

There's always room for improvement. Source.

I know I have said every single phrase listed on the left side at least a thousand times, especially the sixth statement (math is not my friend). Growth mindset puts a strong emphasis on improvement rather than viewing mistakes as permanent failure. In order to improve my self-confidence, I'm working on shifting my perspective on my mistakes from "this-is-the-end-of-the-world" view to a self-improvement view. For example, at the beginning of the semester, I was really struggling in my molecular lab class. This is by far the most difficult lab I have ever taken in my college career. I failed my first quiz and my first notebook check which really took a hit to my grade and self-esteem. I constantly thought to myself:

"I can't do this."
"I want to quit."
"This class is too hard."

Fortunately, I had an encouraging lab group that helped me break through my slump. As a group, we focused on our short-comings and ways to improve our studying and lab reports. A couple weeks later, I aced my quizzes and had the top lap report grade. My professor even complimented on my improvement! Now I have a new way to frame my problems. Instead of putting myself down and thinking that I don't have what it takes, I try to use what I know to attempt the problem. All I need is a little faith in myself.

Moreover, I like how the infographic also lists the "I'm awesome at this" statement. This shows me that even when you are skilled, you should keep your humility. I'll admit that sometimes I think I can do anything when I feel comfortable, but then I make a mistake! Words to live by: Never let success go to your head or failure go to your heart.

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