Saturday, September 26, 2015

week 5 Growth Mindset

I have always enjoyed browsing through the growth mindset memes for fun, but I have never made a meme before. So for this week's growth mindset challenge I decided to make a meme! I'm more of a dog person, I made one with a Saint Bernard puppy. I tried using Cheezburger to generate a meme, but I couldn't figure out how to start one, and I didn't want to create a log in. So I made my meme through GroupMe which has an option to use meme captions on the photos that you upload. My friends and I have a blast using this feature. Sometimes it becomes too much fun and no studying gets done... My meme says "Big Dreams Start with Baby Steps." I chose this caption because people tend to forget that there was always a beginner before there was an expert. The hardest part of any challenge is actually starting it. My brother has always told me that once you get past the beginning, then the hardest part is over. I'm the type of person that is afraid of change, but I always need change. It's complicated. I believe that everyone should have a dream or something that excites you. Chase after that dream even if it seems impossible. All it takes is determination, passion, and some baby steps.

Puppy Saint Bernard Hoping to be a Rescue Dog. (Personal Meme, Photo Source).

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