Sunday, September 20, 2015

Famous Last Words Week 4

What a weekend! Well not really.. I just worked the entire weekend, but let's focus on the positives! I'm definitely getting faster at work. There are several areas that need improvement, but I'm learning how to work under pressure one day at a time. I'm happy to say that I passed my pharmacy final! In other words, my pharmacy manager evaluated me and decided to keep me as a pharm tech. I spent some time with my older brother which is always a blessing. My brother and I have opposite schedules, so I barely have the time to see him anymore, except this weekend I was lucky to spend a couple of hours with him. He brought home a new pet snake! His work was giving away baby corn snakes, and he kept one! The snake is so tiny!

My brother holding the snake (size comparison). Personal photo.

In her cage. Personal Photo.

She'll grow to be a monster though. We discussed what to name the snake. I liked Medusa, but for some crazy reason my brother named her Shivakamini Somakenerkram... I have no idea how to even pronounce that... School has been tough. My lab professor gave a notebook last week, and my lab group did not do well at all. He was a really rough grader. There was some controversy about his teaching style and lack of office hours. I work really hard in that class, and it sucks when my grade doesn't show that. I guess I have to make more improvements in the lab to earn the grade I desire. So far this class has been going smoothly. I try to finish the readings and homework early. My favorite assignments for this class are the growth mindset posts. I like to explore more about growth mindset. Believe it or not, it has affected my life more than I can imagine.

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